List A congratulates Renee Enbom QC and Peter Collinson QC for being awarded “Lawyer of the Year” by their peers in the 14th edition of The Best Lawyers in Australia. Renee Enbom QC was awarded in the area of Defamation and Media Law, and Peter Collinson QC was awarded in the area of Mining Law.

We also congratulate 26 of our barristers who have been recognised as outstanding in their respective areas of practice. They are:

ADR Bruce Caine QC, John De Wijn AM QC, Nicholas Hopkins QC, Allan Myers AC QC, Neil Young QC, Raini Zambelli, Adam Purton

Banking and Finance Law Oren Bigos QC, Peter Collinson QC

Bet The Company Litigation Oren Bigos QC, Allan Myers AC QC, Neil Young QC

Class Action Litigation Jonathon Redwood SC

Commercial Law Oren Bigos QC, Peter Collinson QC

Competition Law Alice Muhlebach

Constitutional Law David Batt QC, Neil Young QC

Construction and Infrastructure Law Jeffery Gleeson QC

Corporate Law Oren Bigos QC

Defamation and Media Law Matthew Collins AM QC, Renee Enbom QC

Government Practice Fiona Hudgson

Immigration Law Roz Germov

Insolvency and Reorganisation Law Peter Collinson QC, Oren Bigos QC, Adam Purton

Insurance Law Jeffery Gleeson QC

Intellectual Property Law Bruce Caine QC, Peter Collinson QC, Helen Rofe QC

International Arbitration Jonathon Redwood SC, Jeffery Gleeson QC

Life Sciences Practice Helen Rofe QC

Litigation Oren Bigos SC, Wendy Harris QC, Nicholas Hopkins QC, Jeffery Gleeson QC, Allan Myers AC QC, Penny Neskovcin QC, David Batt QC, Michael Borsky QC, Neil Young QC, Andrew Hanak QC, Paul Liondas, David Bennett, Fiona Hudgson

Mining Law Peter Collinson QC

Planning and Environmental Law Stuart Morris QC, Chris Townshend QC

Product Liability Litigation Fiona Hudgson

Professional Malpractice Litigation Andrew Hanak QC

Sports Law Jeffery Gleeson QC

Tax Law John De Wijn QC, Daniel McInerney QC