List A congratulates the 19 members (11 senior counsel and 8 junior counsel) named by Doyles Guide as the leading commercial litigation and dispute resolution barristers in Victoria in 2017.

The senior members include Alan Archibald QC, Allan Myers QC, Wendy Harris QC, David Batt QC, Matt Connock QC, Peter Collinson QC, Jim Delany QC, Jeffery Gleeson QC, Jonathon Moore QC, Penny Neskovcin QC and Michael O’Bryan QC.   Alan Archibald QC was listed as Market Leader and Allan Myers QC was listed as Preeminent (Doyle’s highest rankings).

The junior counsel members include Catherine Button, Oren Bigos, Carl Moller, Christopher Archibald, Andrew Hanak, Paul Liondas, Stephen Parmenter and Caryn Van Proctor, with Catherine Button listed as Preeminent.

The inclusion of these 19 members cements List A’s reputation as Australia’s leading list of commercial barristers.