Corporate Counsel and International Law Firms

List A barristers can be briefed directly by in-house counsel and by international law firms without restriction and without the need for an interposing solicitor. When in-house counsel require urgent strategic and tactical advice, briefing members of List A directly provides immediate access to Australia’s most highly-regarded barristers.

Direct Access

In certain circumstances our barristers will accept instructions from the broader community, subject to the provisions of the Legal Profession Uniform Conduct (Barristers) Rules 2015, which determine when and how this can occur.

All enquiries about briefing members of List A directly should be made to List A’s clerks on +61 3 9225 8444 or


List A is committed to supporting the principles of equitable briefing, and to building and maintaining diversity and equality in the workplace. Our clerks are always able to make recommendations to assist in the briefing of women barristers with relevant seniority, expertise and experience in particular practice areas.


Members of List A are available to appear in all Australian and international courts, tribunals, arbitrations, Royal Commissions, parliamentary inquiries and settlement negotiations, and can also provide procedural and evidentiary advice, pleadings, witness statements and written submissions.


Our members are available to provide opinions and advices on complex issues of law in a litigious or transactional context, and advice and assistance in drafting, negotiation, interpretation and enforceability of complex commercial agreements.


Our members are experienced in Australian and international disputes : many have extensive experience as arbitrators, mediators and as counsel acting in those matters.


Our members are experienced in all facets of dispute resolution, including the use of novel methods of achieving cost-effective settlements.

To engage Counsel or discuss availability of barristers, please contact

David Andrews, Barristers’ Clerk
on +61 3 9225 8444.

David has almost 30 years’ experience as a solicitor, and has a comprehensive understanding of complex commercial disputes and litigation. His detailed knowledge of the expertise and experience of List A’s barristers will assist you to brief appropriate counsel for your matters.